At the station, on an evening in July,
he asked them their names,
although he already knew.

He carried luggage and gifts
and untied the horses,
the cousins were arriving.

They stared at him at dinner:
you could be alright
but you talk too much nonsense.

During the ball they took his hand:
they've told us there is a river
and they've told us you guide to it!

Oh! The moon is a wolf who wanders through paths,
silvering the understory!
Three shadows without pants will jump in to check
how the water in the hole is!

And it was nice! Must say, it was nice!
When he brought up
a sorrow he carried.

The first ray of light dried their skins.
“when it's all less serious and less dramatic,
Let us know”.

At the station, on an evening in July,
he pronounced their name
and gulped.

Life has been bloody and brief,
but how to have a good time, boy,
the cousins sure knew how.

The cousins, sure knew how.
The cousins, sure knew how.
How to have a good time, my friend,
the cousins sure knew how.

A voice asked her “what will you be when you grow up?”
My friend said nothing and smiled with her head down.
Oh, who could go back to that afternoon to start a fire
and stop her just before she doubted for that first time!

When her father would ask her “what job will you find?”
My friend, furious, would try not to cry
and her young brain would go over the options
and her eyes were tired of searching everywhere
but, when looking at it, the way does not say if it's to glory or to failure.

And we would go out at night
“c'mon, we'll do better tomorrow”
while doubt was watching us.
And we would feel it grow inside,
almost a decision,
but is was doubt playing
with all that was good,
with all that was good.

If a nice guy asked her what she wanted him to do
my friend would doubt and cling to him
and she'd fall asleep promising herself that tomorrow
she'd learn to be happy by his side.
Miserable you who know the taste of the kisses we give when we doubt!

Have you been out watching a meadow
waiting to see flowers bloom
while doubt was killing them?
Have you spent all night
watching a body sleep
while doubt claiming
all that was good?
All that was good.

She came by around noon,
touched me with hands
full of chipped nail polish.
She didn't have much time
but was in the neighborhood
and wanted to let me know that
she is sure now.

Yes! My friend says she is very sure!

Now Babú
is feeling less dizzy, she won't stay for much longer.
She looks down with those eyes which once thought
"what a bizarre atmosphere; I think I'll be ok here".
And it's true, she thought she would stay;
it's true, she thought so...
It was a clear day, families walked around,
someone had found a dead shark on the beach.

Now Babú
is out in the square, she's greatful for the strong wind
which scatters her wasted years away,
the alcohol in the blood, the news papers seller's looks...
And finds her lucky charm in her pocket.
Babú holds it tight!
The lights are already on when she gets to Sadovaya.
She thinks about where she'll go, while sitting on the platform.

And, oh, how she needs an idea!
Like ever before, she must admit it!
Babú needs and idea,
a beautiful and solid idea!

The railcar opens and dressed up secretaries sprint up the stairs.
They button up their coats, buy gum and the paper, and walk away from the square.
Sleep deprived mothers gliding on ice, ballerinas going home,
and old ladies who believe in evil spirits, and girls that pray for their breasts to grow.
n the middle of the river an old officer makes his debut on a boat
and he really doesn't feel like it but but he'll have stop some Lithuanians who are speeding too much.
Somebody is considering an impossible challenge, somebody is sending out an inaudible howl.
There are taxi drivers yawning!
There's a man waiting for his dog to piss, there's a snowflake on the grave of a famous doctor.
Electric cables, cracked balconies, right angles, white paint.
And stork nests on rooftops, and sheets with embroidered letters.
And far in the background iron sheets are already being lifted by the cranes at the docks!
Behind, in the Baltic, like glowing streetlights, jellyfish going into international waters.

My temperature rose the other day
and they called these doctors who were specialized
in pulling out the madness stone
in making the fountain of joy spring up.
And a nightmare came along just while they were dozing me off,
it said “I'm yours, you're mine, you won't get away”.
I said “alright, nightmare, but what do nightmares dream about?”
I can't say he was very impressed...

Then, I recall the glow of a flash
when waking up
and, Cuban and Yankee doctors,
taking note of the great miracle.

And my serotonin rises,
my serotonin rises (my serotonin rises)
like when the tide arrives (to tired feet at the of the day)
like a girl who climbs (up to a tangerine tree)
my serotonin rises (oh, my serotonin rises).

A love of mine came around, a love I used to have,
and asked me, boy, what happened to you?
I said: “you won't believe it, it's so silly,
I had a stone in my head”.
The future we were building came up to me,
I said “bastard, we would have had a great time”.
It answered “better people than you wanted me”
I can't deny the future was telling the truth...

The good news was already spreading
far beyond the Christian kingdoms
History books, which had become dated,
were already being ripped apart.

And my serotonin rises,
my serotonin rises (my serotonin rises)
like when the tide arrives (to tired feet at the of the day)
like a girl who climbs (up to a tangerine tree)
My serotonin rises (oh, my serotonin rises).
Like the price of oil (my serotonin rises),
like whales when they breathe, (my serotonin rises)
she is a vulnerable trapeze artist, (my serotonin rises)
she is a fearless mountaineer (my serotonin rises)
look up, mommy, look up, mommy (there is a satellite spying on us)
it's King Kong on the Empire State (it's a condor kidnapping a child)
old ladies burst into laughter (and it's more addictive than heroine)
My serotonin rises (oh, my serotonin rises)

*Collserola is a small mountain range right next to Barcelona.

He rests at the top and his eyes run like beasts down the valley.
The sky freezes, dawn is startled and doesn't know what
to do when roosters sing.

(We're) On our way to meet him
And we ask where you're hiding, where?
(because) There are boundaries we'll never cross by following this world's laws!

The devil has appeared on curve in Collserola.
Will you tell him -- if you see him-- I've been looking for him for more than three hours?
I've looked all over Sant Feliu, I'm going to the road of Horta,
As I walk, I go over the main points of my offer.

The woods are filled with crooked mouths, luckless creatures.
He rocks them and they fall asleep in the great peace
of a heartless chest.

(We're) On our way to meet him, on our way to meet him.
And we ask where you are hiding, where?
(because) There are boundaries that we'll never cross by following this world's laws!

The devil's appeared on a curve in Collserola.
Will you tell him -- if you see him-- I've been looking for him for more than four hours!
I've plundered El Papiol, I've dragged myself up to the Puig d'Olorda,
As I walk, I'm going over the main points of my offer.

(And now) We look so small,
we're just the hum
of old wounded pride,
of sweaty hands and fear.
We assume the dangers,
we'll bear the onslaughts
and we'll walk through
the foxes' and the boars' paths.

The devil has appeared on a curve in Collserola.
I'll comb the field, I'll take a big sip from my canteen
From Valldoreix to Sant Just, from la Floresta to the Bonanova
It's only a matter of time so I can go over the details of my offer.

I jumped right in! I jumped right in!
I got away from everybody, I practiced every day.
I didn't keep any hidden tricks,
I went all-in with everything I was then.

They'd say, “what was your dream as a kid?”
They'd say, “you know, a light goes off, and another goes on”.

I engaged myself! I engaged myself!
And, in case anyone is doubting, I swear I tried my best.
I aimed at the highest star.
I said “that will be me and that will be my home”.

They'd say “enlist, enlist, you'll see the world”.
They'd say “respect every beat your heart still holds”.

And whoever you are, or whoever you think you are,
you would have loved the miracle of the muscles in movement.
And wherever you go, or wherever you think you are going,
you've never defied elementary logic in such a way.
Believe me, you’ve never been as confused about what is magical and what is real.

They'd say: “love, lose your mind, play hard,
make a huge fool of yourself, blaspheme, challenge luck!”.

And I jumped right in, I jumped right in,
and I would do like this with my hat when people would say hi.
I can't and won't deny I engaged myself,
And I got so close it there were times I would touch it.
I jumped right in, I engaged myself in,
you won't deny a sharp sense of showbusiness.

Of course there are days when everyone seems stupid and she chooses to keep quiet.
Of course if she concentrates she can smell exotic perfume all across her arm.
Of course she's a bore with her stories about carriages crossing fields.
Don't you dare judge her with your momentarily living, healthy bodies!

(Because) At the turn of dusk
when the sun sets
Marie Antoniette
comes out to investigate.
And she passes through traffic
and sneaks into wherever she wants
to scare little girls
and restless men.
And with other specters
laughs at mortals
while sitting on the spines
of the Cathedral.

And flying over empty Paris she tells herself:
“Marie, you're here, as clever as you think you are but unable to see how memories are lying to you!”
And she tells herself:
“Marie, only you know how you got to detest life inside those gardens!”

We're on the Manresa-Berga road
in a shiny car that speeds way too much
They've found some acceptable CDs in the glove compartment,
it's Wednesday, in the wee hours, and the two fugitives are singing.

They cross over through Molló and in a forest clearing
he hugs her like a child and falls immediately asleep.
The sun is lighting up the forest while she fights against the images:
a cashier being brave, a revolver being fired.

They buy the motorbike from a farmer for the price of four
and hit the gas through quiet vineyards.
At the light in Estagel a couple gendarmes say hi,
but on the radio nothing is said, no one is being tracked down.

He shaves his head, she gets a tan.
Days go by slowly, in the afternoon they go for walks.
He plays racquetball with a businessman in a sorry state,
she locks herself in the cabin and at night fakes orgasms.

It's so good to be out in the street, to get some fresh air!
They're such adorable lovers!
He talks about the future and plans with no safety net
and paradise starts at a pizza place in Lausanne.

And the names on the passports are oh so funny, he reads them aloud.
Maybe he'll look more French by growing a beard, he says!
She manages to answer and cries behind the shut door:
"I won't be able, my love, not at the expense of others".

Na, na, na, na…

And, anyway, he's spent the trip out on the deck,
he can already see the navy blue of the promised land,
but don't worry about her, she's found peace at the cell:
she's gotten used to the dark and has named the rats.

And she's found a pretty name for every rat.

Na, na, na, na…

Someone had practiced a sabotage.
Someone had loosened the screws.
You seemed relaxed, displaying the power of your personal charm
and you, you answered no to them, you said they were wrong,
you answered they were mistaking you for someone else.

You pretend to be thinking, but you know perfectly well what you're doing.
Oh, you're wonderful! And know perfectly well what you're doing!

And I won't kneel down.
And I've already kneeled down.

But that fact is that someone had wrecked the machinery.
The water reserve had been drained out by a criminal.
And you, just in case, told the fellow agents you had seen me near the site of the events,
and I, I answered no, said they were wrong,
but their trained dogs found me at the corner.

You pretend to be thinking, but you know perfectly well what you're doing.
Oh, you're wonderful! And know perfectly well what you're doing!

And I won't kneel down.
And I've already kneeled down.

We only said goodbye with words,
I died a hundred times.
You go back to him
and I go back to us.

And I won't kneel down.
And I've already kneeled down.

You pretend to be thinking, but you know perfectly well what you're doing.
Oh, you're wonderful! And know perfectly well what you're doing!
You're totally worth it! And know perfectly well what you're doing!
You're wonderful! And always know what step comes next.

When the anger of the Gods falls upon you and there is nothing left to say,
when this afternoon no longer matters, if you have had a good time, or you've suffered,
when every mistake in the world, when every misstep holds more truth
than the depressing pile of your immaculate resume's intact sheets
you will see the hidden safe in the wall, the underground golden rivers, seas with secret treasures.

C`mon, you're gonna like this game, let's pigeonhole those who do it well and those who don't,
let's judge cruelly those who make mistakes, let's feel small for those who do better.
And afterwards let's go over the great affronts you've suffered, the unprecedented injuries,
but start thinking about what is it that you are risking, what you are putting at stake -- you-- for being happy
because no brilliant mind can pick out good or bad days, (because) the Universe doesn't owe us anything!

We all move! You can't stay put forever!
Move on, pedestrian! Across the cobbles and the pavement!
We all move! You won't be able to remain still!
Poor pedestrian, this fight you'll lose!

It's up to you, but I would take up the noble art of moving forward.
If you feel like an intruder, don't talk too much, you'll see how nobody notices the trick.
They won't ask for any ID, there are no written regulations; even the greatest expert gets it wrong,
we engage in conversation, we're nice, and we don't know if despite the effort we're heading towards pleasure or pain, light or darkness, to a glorious banquet or a starving growling bowel.

We all move! You can't stay put forever!
Move on, pedestrian! Across the cobbles and the pavement!
We all move! You won't be able to remain still!
Poor pedestrian, this fight you'll lose!

Let there be peace, let there be peace, let there be peace on Earth.
Believe in the world, believe in the world, believe in the people you don't know.

When defeat is certain some pretend, some surrender
and I compete.

Take a seat, fellas, we'll talk about Beauty.
Some look for it in Spring's first blossom.
Some swear they've seen it in math formulas
floating in the harmony of spheres.
And some others accidentally found it the day
they were able to give without taking,
or were able to have without fearing loss...
Others found it inside an open mouth.

And guess what?
I really agree with all of them.
I really agree with all of them.
I coincide with all of them.
And I compete.

And here you are, beautifully armed for battle
and wherever I go I can hear the insolent echo of your laughter.
And I can feel how you're convinced that the hearts under those shirts
beat with unknown forces to the world.
But poor you, completely unaware of what's going on,
a good friend should have told you,
I defeated many before, many and much better than you!
For being the funniest at the ball, for being the sharpest and most brilliant one,
For making the most profound comments, for making the most trivial ones,
for catching everyone's eye, for all natural resources,
I compete.

When defeat is enormous there are those who acknowledge law and order forces and I,
who compete.

And we've seen you've got certain talent, it's true, and that they brought you up telling you
how splendid and special you are, and that it would be a crime not to make the most of it.
But I'm afraid you are missing out on the difference between being the star
of a great night, of a great soiree, and being a great rival, a specialist.
This is not about being kind to kids!
This is not about having a beautiful wife!
This is about being willing to get shot by a bullet!
This is about being the captain of yachts are shipwrecked!
What will you be able to leave behind when the time comes? What will you sacrifice in exchange?
Will you give your Triumph everything it claims?
Will you laugh and double your bet when your people start running?
Will you really stay around? Will you have the courage?
I, guess what? I think that, deep down, you're good kids.
You're good kids searching a good life.
And that sooner or later you'll want to stop,
you'll play cards with friends, you'll take it easy, you'll go to parties,
or you'll whistle songs that some fools wrote about your feats.
And dear friends, the hatchet is never buried:
It's hidden in the highest drawer of your dining room,
it's rented by the hour, it's sold to the highest bidder,
you tell your brother to keep it for you for a while,
or donate it to the museum with the least security,
but it's never buried,
and it's sharpened in the dark,
it's sharpened in the dark,
it's sharpened in the dark.
And I compete.

And I'm truly sorry but,
maybe I like your parties! Maybe I like your style!
Maybe I like your jobs! Maybe I like your plans for the summer!
Maybe I like your wives, your sisters, your roommates!
Maybe I like your dreams, or maybe not, maybe I've lost interest along the way.

I'm coming, anxious and capricious, I know the tissue of your nervous system.
Watch your step, fear the dark, I squash self-esteem like it were soap.
I approach you happy, applauding if it's needed. I know how to "high five", I know how to make people laugh with a joke.
I'll be son, brother, partner, elevator neighbor, lover, I'll be a member, I'll be a fan.
Until one day I'll be the spirit's unexpected despondency, I'll be a scent in the air, I'll be an awkward atmosphere,
I'll be the darkest wind the night can produce, the rage of the singer of the 2008 Catalan breakthrough band,
the dark angel of insomnia, the monster under your bed,
I'll be a howl that will freeze your blood!
I'll be a heart attack, I'll be a call in the middle of the night!
I'll be the wise old man who tells you
the lesson of who you can and who you can't play with.

And by this time you will no longer be expecting a discreet celebration.
At first, I look with respect, as if I had enjoyed an equal fight.
But if you look carefully I bring the smile of who is repressing a laugh.
Afterwards I catch any audience's attention, I pretend I care, I flatter sensibly
and I narrate the combat in detail, pausing,
letting people imagine the faces
of the poor brave men who one day arrived
like you have arrived now,
like you have arrived now,
like you have arrived now.

Because when defeat is very obvious there is who looks for a place elsewhere
and I who compete.

Because when defeat is very obvious there is who looks for a place elsewhere
and I who compete.

Because when defeat is very obvious there is who looks for a place elsewhere
and I who compete.



It won't have been easy to get here
-it's terrible what people say-
although from far you've always impressed me
as strong enough not to embitter yourself.

I will admit I was easily convinced.
I didn't think about it, but I hope you can understand me now.
It's just that, from my father to what they said about you on TV,
from your thin voice to your drum;
from your strange apparition-like face
to such risky hats and Def Con Dos...

But today I understood you loved each other
like many of us won't have ever loved.
But today I understood you loved each other.

As hard as I try there're things I can't change.
No matter how hard, I've been preaching so many atrocities.
And it's just that if, in general, all changes rattle me so,
from songs full of shrieks to your bloody drum
and to your weird face that as a child frightened me
it was so easy for us to give you all the blame…

But today I understood you loved each other
like many of us won't have ever loved.
But today I understood you loved each other.

And I am telling you this cowardly
taking advantage of him not being here,
I'll admit right away that in front of that great man
we'd see who’d be the tough guy who’d sing to you,
we'd see who’d be the tough guy who’d sing to you!

At the begging the fisherman got scared
seeing him soaked, coming out of the sea,
going up straight to the city.
Afterwards he’s understood and now cries out:
“Go wizard! Go wizard!”.
Two city police officers on patrol
got excited when they saw him crossing
like a rocket the Main Street,
and from the car they cheer out:
“Go wizard! Come on wizard!”.
The great patriarch holds tight
two nine years old ballerinas
when they bump into a weird man:
“Say hello, girls, come on,
Go wizard! Come on wizard!”.

Wizard of far worlds,
you’ve got us in the palm of your hands.

I was going back home, young and bored,
reading the April horoscope
when I’ve looked up and, suddenly I’ve seen him.
“If it’s you, please, move forward,
Go wizard! Go wizard!”.
The two embraced adulterous lovers
are planning a long trip
and open their mouths desiring
“whatever you do, do so,
go wizard! Come on wizard!”.
Sweet Adela puts her lipstick on,
she is having dinner with a sad man,
when she smiles with no reason,
looks in the mirror and thinks:
“Come on wizard! Go wizard!”
The child prodigy rubs his eyes when he sees
floating in the firmament
the shiny light of a new star;
he goes out on the balcony and sighs:
“Go wizard! Go wizard!”.

And everything stops for a moment
when the wizard spreads in the wind
some words that fix everything.

I was already strong by then and I never lost my temper
and everything was funny and I had learned to say hello to you
happy and showing the most radiant of smiles,
touching you like the strong, the creatures that nobody can hurt.
Don’t cry, boy, that I won’t know what to say. Don’t cry, boy, you are prettier when you laugh.

I was already strong by then and I dominated words
and I built perfect worlds where I didn’t care about
whom you slept with tonight, nor what are you doing tomorrow afternoon,
nor some nights I think that you look too much like what I’m searching for.
Who will dare to feel protected by a pair of freezing hands?

And the day arrived, the one that I was expecting with strength
-those who arrived today, tomorrow may leave, too-.
I didn’t need to weep, or to light a candle to an angel.
I was already strong by then, and a strong one didn’t have to run after you.
Or maybe someone disagrees with me? Who wants to hear a sad bedtime story?

Where is that rock’n’roll band? Remember it?
They played them on the radio this morning.
Do you believe they would be happy to know that, after so long, from so far we still think of them?

What ever happened to that rock’n’roll band? Maybe they gave a really sad last concert?
Or maybe they looked at each other after a slow and boring practice and they knew it, and they felt it?
Do you think that some days they are haunted by melodies so furiously ready to become songs and,
if you are nearby, you hear them whistling,
and almost nothing has changed,
it’s just that now, they don’t write them anymore?

Do they call each other, that rock’n’roll band? Are they still friends?
Do they like their own records?
Do you think that sometimes they look for the chords of their great hits and they play them in the hallway?
Can that rock’n’roll band imagine the loudness with which we would sing their songs?
Do they know that at least for you and me
they made everything a bit more exciting for a while?

Where is that rock’n’roll band? What did the press say?
They played them on the radio this morning.

The evening that you’ve probably forgotten was coming to an end,
we were walking home, the sun was hiding behind roofs.
Your voice sounded far away like the whistle of lost trains,
like the murmur of a river born in snow-capped summits, up in the mountains.
And that illegal idea was flooding my mind;
You’ll have to excuse me, my love, I considered leaving you that day,
abandoning you to your fate.

I was only waiting, in silence, for the right moment to come
and blow everything up pretending that it was an accident.
I would say some deep words looking up at infinity,
I felt them tense inside my mouth, ready to come out.
Solemn words were coming to kill us like a lame foal,
the dragging of our love’s corpse to a quiet spot to hide it between flowers was coming, too.
Oh wise men who preach in the street
how love changes with years.
Come to us urgently and explain if it changes that much,
if it changes that much,
if it changes that much,
if it changes that much!

You could already feel on the horizon the unspoilt coast of a new world,
I was already walking lighter, freed from your love’s weight.
I could already hear someone else’s laugh, other people’s warmth,
another body, another voice capable of making me happier.
I was already walking away, staring pedestrians in the eyes.
Remember my future? I shot it today with silver bullets aiming straight at the heart.

When we stopped to cross you took my hand.
I passed back the ball to a kid that was playing in a porch.
Don’t tell this to your mother, or she’ll spit at me next Christmas.

A cousin of my mother ran a successful lawyer’s office in the city.
Many years ago they sent me there as a young paralegal.
I found a simple chamber –a desk, a bed, a mirror.
I would arrive there in the middle of the night, in some downtown tavern it had got late.
In the hall, lady Manresa, would spend the hours sewing
but she seemed anxious that day, she came up nervous, and she said:
“Excuse me, I really hate to come here asking you favors,
this afternoon the third floor tenant was like crazy and now I am ringing and he won’t answer”.
Enlightened by a huge candelabra I made my way through the dark.
Walking by furniture shades I checked all the rooms.
I heard some dogs weeping, I followed the track of the sobs
and, gentlemen, as you will know, I found a great romantic hero dead in the living room.
And he had a ridiculous wrinkled note in his hands
full of fingers playing with braids, of sunsets and maidens riding on horses.

Later on the inspector wrote down a relative’s address,
a brother who lived on the coast whom he celebrated saints days with.
They closed his eyes tenderly, they covered him with a white sheet.
Silently everyone sipped the green tea that the forth floor’s teacher had made.
A priest said the Lord’s Prayer with a sleepy thin voice.
We the men gathered next to him trying to get the corpse out.
And pulling lifeless ankles I got out of that living room.
Lady Manresa suffered “for the love of God, careful with the banging”.
Outside in the street the hearse waited, the driver passed the time looking at
some soldiers on leave singing under a streetlight.
We counted to three to lift up the corpse.
A cold wind froze the air, a lazy riding whip made the horses go.
And he still had a ridiculous wrinkled note in his hands
full of shouts in the void, violent desires, burying ship storms.

Full of laughing women, bloody eyes, beauty that doesn’t leave space to think.
Full of muses wounded forever by rusted nails in vulgar poets songs.
Full of infinite leaps where ice motionless gymnasts are waiting in case you wish to say hi.
Full of drooling beasts ready to fight an unfair combat with the christian prisoners.
Full of scared children wondering when their parents will arrive under the never-ending rain.
Full of youngsters with an erection rubbing against homecoming queens dressed up for prom.
Full of arms lifted to stop taxis after finishing dinners with friends who are leaving.
Full of, believe me, I try, but sometimes I feel, darling, that this won’t ever end.

Picture a child playing ball with his father keeping the goal.
It’s Sunday morning, they are in a school playground and there is nobody in the street.
And far away, from the sky, they can’t see it, but something is moving.
You can only hear the father’s jokes and the child’s laughs when he scores.
And a shadow slowly covers the sun and a giant condor flies down from the sky,
embraces the child’s back with its claws and takes him away.

The dog was probably barking when you have left, Theresa Rush.
You won’t admit it, but you see yourself in the elevator’s mirror and find you’re pretty.
Some friends blow the horn from the other side of the street,
Mmmm, the sound of an accelerating engine on Vallcarca’s bridge.
Let’s play some rock’n’roll, let the shopkeepers shut all the doors,
let’s have a silly conversation under the white moon.
The neighbourhood sleeps soundly unaware that the big day has arrived.
Mmmm, Theresa’s face gets lit when a car drives towards her.

Some tough guys say hello at the traffic light and you smile
and while they start the car, the cockiest one, right before being swallowed by the night,
stares you in the eyes and you would swear that he says:

Love is coming! Love is coming!
Love is coming, echoing like an army of drums!
Love is spreading like a wild fire!
Theresa Rush, tonight Love, at last, is back in town!

Walk confident across the pool hall, Theresa Rush,
detect all the strangers while you get near your table.
Move all your talent, conscious of every single motion.
Mmmm, it is your hip’s dance, it’s your earring’s swing.
And now it doesn’t seem so important, and now you feel quite far from all the mess you may have made
and now you see an enemy and you make peace with a mixed drink toast
and, while we sing, outside in the street thousands of men in their raincoats
mmmm, are hoping to find a girl with a face like yours.

On the televisions they interrupt the music videos for some minutes
and now you see a journalist stressed by the teletypes
and there’s no volume, but you would swear that he says:

Love is coming! Love is coming!
Love is coming echoing like a fire of drums!
Love is spreading like a tropical virus!
Theresa Rush, tonight Love, at last, is back in town!

Love is back, Theresa, and you would say you’re starting to feel it,
it’s in people’s hands, it’s in the young when they dance.
And you recognize an ancient force and, with no doubt, you will surrender to it
and you will dig inside it to reveal all the secrets that it’s hiding.
Love is back, Theresa, and you would say you’re starting to feel it
and you are some castaway that has decided to taste salted water,
and you are some castaway that has decided to taste salted water,
and you are some castaway that has decided to taste salted water.

And now you ask yourself what’s exactly going on
-you, the one that used to see everything so clear-
and you pretend but I know you’re beginning to realize that
the more you’ll shout, the less they’ll answer.
Your sad childhood’s monsters,
the school staff that hated you,
we didn’t pay attention to them and they left
while this was growing in silence.
I am not used to it, either,
but I’m afraid it’s a chance.

And now you’re starting to understand the poor guys
that from outside a cab’s window would
yell: “You better get ready, ‘cause sooner or later
you will have to learn to live not blaming
the smallpox and the whooping cough,
your papa, and your mama and the Nazis’ crimes”.
And, what can we do if we got distracted
while this moved forward infecting our blood?
You better try to smile in front of the mirror
because now we have a chance.

We woke up disturbed by a sound,
damning some crazy student’s party,
when we saw a beam of light, a glow,
advancing through the sheets, brushing past our legs.
We noticed the balcony door shaking,
(before we opened it you checked your nightgown knot)
outside in the street, in a huge cloud of dust,
running away in an animal stampede
were the songs that didn’t warn us they were lying,
the serious sentences that were already making us laugh
and they left us this truth
that, I’m so sorry, but you will forever know:
you can take it or leave it,
but now we have chance.

We have a chance.
Hahaha! Let’s see what we do with it.

I went into the party, the host introduced me to the other guests.
“I’ve come to start from scratch”, I screamed, I relaxed on a couch.
By the window you could see the park where some teenagers were bored.
Where does she sleep? What will she see when she gets up? I thought,
while we slowly disappeared.

I bought a cheap trumpet, we practiced every night.
It was okay to play, but I preferred arguing with the neighbours.
Oh, look up, an E Major flying, escaping above the courtyard.
I wrote her some song, so what?, while we slowly disappeared.

I climbed a tree ambitioning to see the Llobregat river.
Its branches were withered so they easily broke.
The young girls from the town stared at me and laughed.
Oh, life could be hard, while we slowly disappeared.

I found a woman, we rented a condo close to Gavà.
I’m afraid I won’t be able to explain what we were during all these years.
I never told her what was thinking the meanest hemisphere of my brain.
A fresh breeze on the desert beach while we slowly disappeared.

The magician’s assistant uncovered the cage and we were still there, freezing to death.
The audience, logically pissed of, wanted their money back.
The producer held his wallet and said “be patient, ladies and gentlemen;
the magical words do work, but these two disappear slowly.
The guy from the theater asked the audience to relax saying “stay calm, nothing is so pure or so clean”
the magical words do work, but these two disappear slowly.

What a day it was, my friends... What a day it was, my friends...
Sweet Adela came to me with a map of a new place to discover,
with the keys of a motorcycle she had borrowed from her neighbour.
What a day it was, my friends... Adela said “I am here
to roll over the barley and to touch you in the mill
counting migrating birds that are escaping from some sad country”.
What a day it was, my friends... You haven’t seen so many like that,
and Adela wanted to spend it with me!

And I turned around and said
that it would be fun,
and I turned around and said
“how bucolic, how lovely”,
and I turned around and said
“next time I’ll come for sure”,
and I turned around and said
and I turned around and said:
“Don’t interrupt me now!
Can’t you see that I’m deeply inspired writing you a song?
I was starting to see the outlines of a great pop-folk song
that will forever freeze this special feeling that there is between us.
Don’t interrupt me now!
Can’t you see that I’m deeply inspired writing you a song?
Now that I was facing a verse that would rhyme with your hair,
Now that you could almost smell your skin
on the sheet, on the sheet...”

Come out from the crowd, distinguish yourself among every head;
when you get near, look for my eyes;
say hello using one of your tricks;
allow me to hear the sound of a voice
saying my name for the first time
and kiss me, stranger, kiss me,
come to see me with a mysterious smile.
Today I am wearing my embroidered flower dress!
Kiss me, kiss me.

I know you live in squares, taverns and parks;
Take my hand and let’s play the game
where we could fix everything.
Remember the glorious sound of the voices
saying your name for the first time
and kiss me, stranger, kiss me,
come inside my day, half brave, half nervous.
Feel with your hands my trembling body!
And kiss me, kiss me.

Maybe it’s been a while since it last came out,
but it’s in me,
but it’s in me,
but it’s in me,
but it’s in me,
but it’s in me.

Once I was on the seventh floor I said hello to the secretary.

And I would have liked to kick down the door,
And shout “I’ve heard that we have to talk, so talk”.
Or say “I’m sorry, but you are making a huge mistake,
You haven’t thought that I am completely nuts. On guard! On guard!”.

But I played the respectable man
who understands that these things happen
and an executive manager fired me.

And I could have worn a really funny hat
and challenged him to a duel and ask for a sword,
or pull my hair, like I was possessed,
and feel his fear while he was looking at me, looking at me.

But the obedient man inside of me
accepted and agreed
and an executive manager fired me.

I used to obey him and he fired me.

And this was the end
of this amazing tale
that maybe will teach something to the youngest,
and hopefully will entertain the grown ups.
And here the show comes to an end
the executive manager and our hero
salute you, salute you.